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Back A Leader – Magic Quadrant for Third-Party Logistics, Worldwide, 2024

Yet again, we have been named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Third-Party Logistics, Worldwide, 2024. This year, we maintained our previous year’s position as the provider with the best ability to execute and remained one of the most visionary with the industry as a whole progressing on this front.

Magic Quadrant for Third-Party Logistics, 2024, Worldwide

(Source: Gartner, April 2024)

Our strengths

Once again, our go-to-market strategy was lauded, with Gartner highlighting our broad range of highly specialised offerings to a large array of industry verticals, and to customers at each end of the spectrum, from start-ups to multinationals.

Our global footprint was also singled out, with Gartner noting our increased presence around the world, including 23 new Customer Care Locations in Sea Logistics, our new logistics hub in Paris, our partnership for growth in Saudi Arabia, our expanded healthcare footprint in North America and our new transportation centre in India to optimise route and network planning.

Finally, Gartner focused on our highly developed understanding of the market. They praised our awareness of trends including changing trade patterns driven by geopolitical events and trade barriers, digital ecosystems to make data more actionable for unique insights, new sustainability requirements driven by increasing regulation, and customers’ demand for increased agility and resilience of supply chains.

Maintain our momentum

Gartner yet again recognised our strong customer-oriented culture and the significant improvement in our communication and issue resolution. However, they advised that we maintain a high degree of flexibility, particularly when compared to smaller competitors. We remain confident that we can offer our customers a unique experience, especially with regards to proactively providing the data points and visibility they increasingly request to better understand their supply chains.

They also recognised that we had identified growth opportunities such as last-mile deliveries and returns in our strategy, but cautioned that our competitors were more developed in these areas. With cost optimisation remaining a key concern for our customers, Gartner also advised us to be careful to maintain our premium service offerings. Our acceleration of investments into strengthening these for customers who recognise the strategic, long-term value of a premium logistics partner, once again reflects our commitment to our Roadmap 2026 and Vision 2030. 

We value both Gartner’s assessment as well as our customers’ feedback as it serves as a motivator to spearhead the deployment of new tools, including, for example, AI, in order to continuously strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. 

Our commitment

This year, we remain committed to partnering with our customers to drive innovation and elevate customer service standards. We remain steadfast in our mission to maintain our leading role as innovators within our industry.

Gartner´s evaluation confirms our steadfast commitment and inventive mindset with which our teams worldwide support our customers´ needs. Our Roadmap 2026 underscores our dedication to delivering an unparalleled customer experience in the industry.”