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Powrót E-commerce inbound solutions

Inbound processes have ripple effects down the entire e-commerce supply chain—right to your final customer. We have solutions that let you deliver an unrivalled experience.

Online customers expect items to be available and ready to ship at checkout. The number one priority is to prevent those buyers from abandoning their carts to shop elsewhere. Your competitive edge depends on product availability to fulfil from the right location. A reliable and well-coordinated inbound game plan ensures products are always on hand.

As online product sales grow, so does the complexity of juggling multiple suppliers in a broader network. You can end up with too much or too little inventory in the wrong place—both of which are costly. Kuehne+Nagel’s global e-commerce experts provide scalable solutions that meet these challenges and keep your products moving in the right direction.

An ever-evolving inbound

Volumes change. Global circumstances change. Customer needs change.

As priorities shift, you have to find new ways to stay ahead of the curve. We offer effective inbound services—from small to large e-commerce businesses—that support your supply chain at each touchpoint. Whether your focus is on cost reduction, supply chain resilience or better transport options, our specialists have solutions to fit.

  • Worldwide shipping to any fulfilment network

  • Origin services, consolidation and planning

  • Management of overseas orders, suppliers and vendors

  • Adaptable solutions for every business size and scope

  • Multiple modes of transport, including services for sea, air, road and rail

When inbound goes international

Ideally, you want inventory as close as possible to your customers. But what happens when orders are placed several months in advance and shipped from the other side of the world?

We understand the intricacies of shipping from international destinations. Our specialists offer solutions to help you navigate overseas hurdles, including complete order and vendor management services at origin.

If your e-commerce network has multiple inventory locations, we break up container cargo at the port with DC bypass, deconsolidation or cross-dock services. When unplanned disruptions happen, our global inbound network offers crucial shipping alternatives to keep delivering on your customer promises.

Visibility = Refined decision-making

With a bird’s eye view into your supply chain, you lower the likelihood of production and shipping delays as well as unnecessary transportation costs.

Through accurate data and analytics, we help you keep your product fulfilment on schedule.

  • Information by SKU and order-line

  • Origin consolidation

  • Optimise transport mode selection

  • Monitor space allocation

  • Customised reporting that eliminates duplicate work

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