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Powrót Zrobimy swoją część. Dystrybucja szczepionki przeciw COVID-19

Kuehne+Nagel to jeden z największych operatorów logistycznych na świecie. Od ponad dziesięciu lat rozwijamy naszą wiedzę z zakresu logistyki towarów farmaceutycznych. Oprócz umiejętności, które wniosło to do naszych zespołów, dało nam to również poczucie misji - ochronę dobrostanu pacjentów na całym świecie. Pandemia COVID-19 nie zmieniła naszego podejścia. W rzeczywistości sytuacja ta dała nam większą pewność, że postępujemy właściwie - kiedy ma to największe znaczenie.

At Kuehne+Nagel, we are doing everything we can to leverage our pharma & healthcare expertise to bring a vaccine to market. With offices all over the world, 230+ GxP-certified operations and more than 3,000 dedicated pharma & healthcare specialists, we have the capacity, the ability and the responsibility to play an important role in the global distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

We have a responsibility to humankind. 

We have the network and tools at our disposal to do our part for humankind. We have developed our capability so that we can expertly manage our role in the supply chain. There will be many players, all specialising at their own roles. For us, this role will be to support the manufacturing process and collect the vaccine from manufacturers (drug product) and deliver it to the needed markets. Our numerous GxP operations, well-trained teams and Emergency & Relief logistics team give us the capacity and ability to deliver a flawless execution of the shipments around the world. 

We have a responsibility to our customers. 

Our customers are active in every industry and sector of the economy. Taking charge of customers’ challenges is part of our service mentality. Whether in consumer goods, high tech or aerospace, we have a responsibility to establish a sense of normalcy. Every day, we assist our customers by solving capacity issues and ensuring supply. This is how we provide value that is consistent with our purpose of empowering bold promises. We are using every resource we have to not only support our customers during the pandemic, but also to safely bring a vaccine to market.

At Kuehne+Nagel, we will do our part.

Kuehne+Nagel is 78,000+ people strong. Our organisation reaches every corner of the globe. Our staff are essential workers, responsible for moving critical PPE supplies, ventilators and the vaccine itself. Our teams ensure that the existing supply of life-saving medicines and medical devices continue to move in a very constrained market. 

For our teams, there is a new understanding and appreciation for the important work they do every day. This awareness of the importance of our work is also coming from those beyond the company. People everywhere now understand the product life cycle and specific transport requirements of vaccines, thanks to the media’s focus on vaccine development.

The global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine will be one of the largest logistics projects of our time. The size and scope of this project don’t alarm us. In fact, it is unacceptable for us not to be at the forefront of the solution. Our network of over 1,200 offices puts us in close proximity to important stakeholders worldwide. We are already in talks with pharmaceutical companies, governments and suppliers to ensure the smooth roll-out of a vaccine. 

Can we handle this task? The work has already begun. We are actively pursuing the best possible outcome. Our teams are approaching the solution holistically, including not just the cold chain vaccine distribution but also the supporting equipment and treatments – syringes, medical swabs, and more. You can count on Kuehne+Nagel to provide everything that is crucial for a safe, successful and expedient vaccine roll-out. We will do our part.