The Hoerbiger Group with its headquarters in the Swiss Zug is a global leader in the field of compression techniques, drive technologies and hydraulic systems. The Hoerbiger brand is synonymous with performance, which is defined by the product line to which components belong compressors, engines and industrial turbines as well as automatic gearboxes and multidimensional applications of mechanical engineering.


Ensuring the transport of items ready for the Automotive industry and logistics of the new Xetto product.

Our solution

Kuehne + Nagel met the requirements of the Hoerbiger Group by implementing solutions tailored to the client’s needs based on his many years of experience on international transport and logistics market. Employing 70,000 employees in over 1,300 locations in 100 countries, the Kuehne + Nagel Group one of the leading logistics companies in the world. In Poland, the company offers its services from 1992 and employs 1,800 logistics experts. Kuehne + Nagel and Hoerbiger in Poland started cooperation in 2015.

The tasks entrusted to Kuehne + Nagel include logistics of ready-made elements Automotive industry and storage of a new product - Xetto, which thanks the combination of transport, loading and lifting functions is a unique solution on the transport industry market. As part of the transport of finished elements for the automotive industry Kuehne + Nagel performs LCL transport to China and Brazil, import of parts and machines from the USA by sea and import of components from China by air freight forwarding.
Kuehne + Nagel was also involved in assistance in launching for sale in the scope of the LC groupage distribution network in Germany Xetto product. Providing comprehensive service solutions Xetto machine storage is completed with the delivery to the recipients final.


The cooperation between Hoerbiger and Kuehne + Nagel has resulted the introduction of effective logistics solutions that have allowed optimization of Hoerbiger cost factors. Access to the platform KNLogin is
a complement that adds value to cooperation from Kuehne + Nagel. Commitment to the Xetto project proved the effectiveness of the activities Kuehne + Nagel on the logistics level which opens the way to further expanding cooperating with Hoerbiger. Hoerbiger positive experience in cooperation with Kuehne + Nagel translated into enlargement joint activities in other locations around the world, including in the USA, Germany, as well as in South America. Kuehne + Nagel everywhere has become one of the key providers of logistics services for the company Hoerbiger.

Our customer's success story

“In the Hoerbiger Group from the beginning existence of the company puts emphasis on such values as, timeliness, efficiency and professionalism. Running a business according to these principles are particularly appreciated by Our  customers. That’s why every dayour employees implement these values. Such high standards we demand not only from ours employees, but also from companies from we work together.

The only company providing services forwarding and logistics for yes high level is Kuehne + Nagel, sharing
all beloved by us values. Thanks to this kind of synergy we are able to implement the most ambitious projects that they go beyond our capabilities competition.”

HOERBIGER Automotive Sp. z o.o.

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