Wojciech Sienicki

National Manager Kuehne + Nagel in Poland

Wojciech Sienicki, joined Kuehne + Nagel in 2011, when he took over responsibility for the Road and Rail Logistics in Poland. He occupied the possition of National Overland Manager until his appointment as the National Manager of Kuehne + Nagel in Poland.



Kuehne + Nagel in Poland Division Directors:


Jolanta Małachowska, Airfreight Director


Emilia Górska - Mytyk, Sales & Marketing Director


Monika Pianini, Finance Director


Małgorzata Odyniec, HR Director


Dariusz Janasz, Defence Logistics Director


Jacek Liszewski , Seafreight Acting Director


Christophe Le Corre, Contract Logistics Director


Eugeniusz Nowak, Overland Director


Marek Czembrowski, QSHE Director


Michał Dydak, IT Director



The most recent changes in the Managment Board of Kuehne + Nagel Sp. z o.o.:

Management Board informs that on 1.01.2019 it has appointed Jacek Liszewski at the position of National Manager of Seafreight.

Management Board informs that on 4.09.2018 it has appointed Wojciech Sienicki as Managing Director.